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High end prefabricated cold dish - unparalleled fresh mixed live sea cucumber appears in Qingdao

Release Time:2021-11-24

China International Fisheries Expo 2021 will be held in Qingdao Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 27 to 29.
After two years, we met again at the fish Expo. Everyone was riveted and wanted to show you the best side of the world's prefabricated cold dishes. Here we are, with new products and sincere cooperation schemes!
We sold it to you before. What new products do we bring?
The new product release reception of prefabricated cold dishes will be known at a glance!!!
Gaishi food has been on the market for more than 27 years since its establishment. From entering the new third board to the selected layer, Gaishi food has been trying to change: constantly accelerating the pace of progress, pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, studying new products, and constantly expanding the R & D team Although there have been changes, our original intention has remained unchanged. We have always maintained a fair and modest heart to treat every product and every customer with sincerity.
Gaishi food has developed into the first stock of prefabricated cold dishes, which is also the recognition of Gaishi by capital and customers. Today, it is a great honor to invite partners at home and abroad to share and witness our joy. In the future, Geshi people will further deepen their innovation ability and improve service quality.
Products are the foundation of the company. The strongest R & D team of Gaishi food displayed more than 50 kinds of products and more than 20 kinds of new products in this exhibition. Each product is made in good faith.
And number C of this new product release: the first high-end prefabricated cold dish ceiling in China - unparalleled fresh mixed live sea cucumber
The raw materials are fresh sea cucumber (Stichopus japonicus) cultured in the golden sea area of Jinshitan, Dalian, Liaoning Province at 39 ° n. sea cucumber is an aquatic product with high protein, low fat, low sugar and low cholesterol. It has very rich nutritional value and has good therapeutic and pharmacotherapeutic effects, but different processing methods have an important impact on the nutritional components of sea cucumber. Avoid complex and cumbersome processing process to destroy the nutritional components and flavor of sea cucumber. Fresh sea cucumbers will dissolve and disappear soon after leaving the sea water, so the requirements for fresh-keeping technology are very high. Gaishi improves the traditional processing technology. The sea cucumber caught ashore adopts the low-temperature steaming process. It only does the simplest preservation treatment without adding any preservative, so as to retain the shape, nutrition and taste of sea cucumber to the greatest extent.
This time, Gaishi food and Master Wang, the chief cold dish master, have repeatedly prepared a compound taste of small fresh, small sweet and small spicy. This product adopts liquid nitrogen freezing technology, fast locking fresh, open box and ready to eat. The entrance is fat, tender and delicious, the barbed meat is full, and the ginseng meat is strong. Then the sea cucumber dissolves slowly at the tip of the tongue, leaving only the fresh and slightly spicy taste spreading in the mouth with endless aftertaste.
The reception for the release of new products of gestar prefabricated cold dishes has been full of people, and there has been an endless stream of consulting customers. Thank you for your company all the way and the first meeting of new customers. In the future, we will sincerely treat every customer and consumer with better product quality and service quality.



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