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Relying on strong research and development strength, Gaishi Food can continuously develop new products

to ensure that the company's products are highly compatible with market demand.

There are currently 300+ kinds of products and 1000+ SKUs, including seaweed food series, nutritious mushroom series,

colorful fish roe series and seafood salad series, and can customize and production according to customer needs.

GAISHI has cooperated with thousands of acres of marine farms. With advanced production technology, high-quality products and high-quality services,GAISHI has established long-term cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign customers, and established a good brand among customers.

Standard Production Process

Employee Hygiene Management:

Employee hygiene management is to allow customers to eat our products with peace of mind. Edible processing personnel strictly abide by the laws of food hygiene, clear and sterilize the time and place, and carry out effective production management through personnel and on-site control.

Production Process Supervision

In the production process of products, the control of all links from raw materials to finished product packaging is emphasized, including multiple visual inspection links and metal detectors. Monitor and record the daily production status of the workshop, and ensure the quality and quantity of daily production tasks.

  • Visual Inspection

    Workers carefully screen and detect unqualified materials

  • Metal Detection

    Metal detector detects residual foreign matter


Product Quality Control

Product quality and safety is the life of the enterprise, the quality management system is the life system of the factory, GAISHI has established the food safety and quality management system at night, according to the product technical standards for each link of product inspection, supervision

Industry leader

The various parts of the company has been the national, provincial, municipal awarded the national agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise,

national high and new technology enterprise, national edible fungus processing technology research and development branch,

national agricultural products processing industry demonstration center,

the national science and technology start sea industry demonstration base of the core enterprise,

the national food processing industry demonstration enterprise, such as food safety normal enterprises in dalian.

The main product of the company is named as the famous brand product of Liaoning Province,

and the "Gashi" trademark is identified as the famous trademark of Liaoning Province.

Quality first, Responsibility first

GAISHI strictly controls product quality and constantly improves product taste to better meet the diversified needs of consumers.

In 2018 and 2019, GAISHI passed UL social responsibility certification and BSCI social responsibility certification.

GAISHI has passed HACCP food safety management system, ISO9001:2015 International Quality System certification, SC license, FDA-NAI level,

European Union Aquatic products registration, Russian aquatic products registration,

Vietnam aquatic products registration, BRC and halal certification and other domestic and foreign food related certification.

Prepared appetizer 1st Stock

In Apr. 2016, Gaishi Food Co., Ltd was officially listed on the NEEQ and successfully entered the Select in Jan. 2021. On Nov. 15, 2021, we were officially listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange and accepted supervision from all walks of life.

Solve the pain points of the catering industry in an all-round way, and increase the efficiency of the restaurant by 2.8 million yuan

GAISHI is committed to providing standardized appetizer programs and services for domestic and foreign catering chain enterprises,

to solve a series of industry pain points such as inconsistent taste, high quality fluctuations, high processing costs,

and large safety risks in catering stores.

It is a universal social value to provide consumers with safe, nutritious, delicious and healthy food.

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