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Gaishi food appeared on Beijing Metro Line 1 and crossed Chang'an Street to pay tribute to the new era!

Release Time:2021-11-22

On February 21, 2021, the state issued document No. 1, which mentioned a new strategic level of Rural Revitalization. Through layers of screening, Gaishi food was successfully selected into the theme tour of Rural Revitalization of Beijing Metro in November 2021, crossing Chang'an Street to pay tribute to the new era!



Recalling that in 2002, Dalian Lushun district government invited Mr. Gai Quanhong, chairman, to build a factory in Lushun district, Gaishi food had the original intention of helping the government revitalize agriculture. At that time, the government communicated with Mr. Gai Quanhong for many times, hoping that the company could take the local specialty Undaria pinnatifida as the company's product and sell it with the help of the company's platform and channels, so as to drive the local economic development, deepen the structural reform of agricultural supply side and improve farmers' income.
Mr. Gai Quanhong fully considered the difficulties of the local government and combined with the actual situation of the company, resolutely took the Undaria pinnatifida series products as the main products of the company. After repeated product R&D experiments and production and many first-line market research, the sales scope of Undaria pinnatifida series products of Gaishi food has been continuously expanded, and now it has become a leading enterprise in the industry. The product sales area has developed from the initial export to Japan to 55 developed countries and regions in the world, such as Europe and the United States.
On the occasion of the official listing of Gaishi food on the Beijing stock exchange, by participating in the theme image tour of the subway train of Beijing Metro Line 1 and shuttling through the central urban area of the capital of the motherland, relying on the special geographical location and nature of the national political culture and exchange center, Gaishi food once again revealed its brand culture, and the corporate brand also had more efficient exposure and endorsement.


Choose the world and meet the taste of love
Gaishi food factory has been established for more than 20 years
Focus on prefabricated cold dishes
It integrates research, production and sales
More than 300 catering brands
Products are exported to Japan, the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia
55 developed countries and regions
Gaishi food
Seaweed, edible fungi, sea delicacies, etc
Healthy food is the main ingredient
Independent development and production
Seaweed, mushroom, seafood
Healthy vegetables and other cold dish products
Whether you have tasted it or not;
The world only wants you to meet the best part;
Baiwei life, carefully deployment;
Choose the world and meet the taste of love.
Delicate cold dishes, carefully prepared


Through the theme tour of the train on Beijing Metro Line 1, it more clearly combines the corporate brand of Gaishi food with the construction of Beijing urban culture, so that the brand value of Gaishi food is deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers, and improves and enhances the influence and competitiveness of the brand in the market.
Gaishi food will also live up to everyone's expectations, continue to fly with the special bus of "Rural Revitalization" of Metro Line 1, walk with every consumer, and provide green and safe prefabricated cold dishes for catering enterprises and consumers.

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